Welcome to CARAY Cattle Dogs……….

We are located on the eastern plains of Colorado about 30 miles NE of
Denver. We have 70 acre ranch where we have riding horses
, Chickens,
Calves and other animals

We were first introduced to the Australian Cattle Dog in 1994 when my
husband Ray rescued a beautiful, spayed AKC Australian Cattle dog
whose elderly owner had passed away. She had come directly from
Australia as a puppy and was the most beautiful, good natured dog you
would ever meet. Her name was Queenie and I fell in love with her at first
sight and she sealed it with a kiss when we met. Queenie taught me to
love the breed— I will never forget my first cattle dog.

Our puppies are born and raised in the home. They are socialized to
many different environments, people and animal experiences. My dogs
are health tested for late onset PRA
, PLL and hips/elbows OFA’d.

If you would like further information regarding CARAY Cattle Dogs, general
information and/or questions about Australian Cattle Dogs, Please
Carolyn Geisler
Keenesburg, Co

Member of the National Australian Cattle Dog Club of America, Inc.
and a Code of Ethics Breeder